Hidden Text Test Page

This page is designed so we can test if hidden text is erroneously concatenated with the first or last word of the visible text.

With JAWS 2019 and Chrome 80 the concatenation occurs when reading in virtual cursor mode.

Examples in <p> elements

The first and second examples below each contain two words. In the first example the first word is hidden. In the second example the last word is hidden. In both cases the words are concatenated.

In the third example some words in the middle of the paragraph are hidden. The words before the hidden text are not concatenated. The words after the hidden text are concatenated.



How do password on this system?


Examples in <li> elements

The examples below are exactly the same as those above except that they are in <li> elements instead of <p> elements. In this case no concatenation occurs.

Other Examples

The concatenation occurs with <div> and <h3> elements, but not with a <button> element.



The behaviour with <span> elements is odd. In the first example below, concatenation occurs with the second pair of words, which are in a <span> element. However, in the second example, both pairs of words are concatenated even though the only difference is that they are separated by a <br> element.

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